How it all started

When I was in college (go Leathernecks!), I had to drive over an hour to play the nearest disc golf courses.

After playing the best courses within range, we would drive past state parks and open spaces that always seemed like they would make great disc golf courses.

I tried talking to townships and park districts about installing a course, but they were not receptive to the financial commitment required, even if our group volunteered to do most of the work. The sport just wasn’t recognized as it is today.

We purchased a portable disc golf basket and played at state parks and open fields. Everyone had a blast designing courses whenever we played new locations. The problem was that one person would always have to physically move the basket around, and the others would have to wait for them to walk back to the tee box. It was still fun, but disrupted the flow of the game and discouraged newer players from coming back.

So how do we play all these great locations and allow everyone to get the same enjoyment? Then the idea for the Flat Lander Model (FLM) came to me.

I got to work right away, starting the patent process, designing and revising prototypes, and (the most fun part) endless field testing. After 8 years and 5 prototypes, I am proud to say the FLM is ready for players of nearly any skill level, age, and ability to practice and design their own course.

It has been a dream of mine to get all disc golf players using open space to enjoy the sport of disc golf.

I build and test all units prior to shipment, and I take great pride in seeing these models out in public being used by all demographics of people.

I’ll see you out there.

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Dana Nielsen, Disc Golf Anywhere LLC


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